Planning Your Trip

Planning Your Trip   So the time has come where you must start preparing for your trip. Below you will find helpful information about planning your trip, what you should expect and what to bring […]


Accommodation All volunteers and teams will stay at our Legacy House in Kampala. Kampala is a city in African, which may mean that there may be no electricity in the houses 1-2 nights a week […]


Unemployment: In Africa’s 50 %of graduates do not have jobs-ACET  almost half of the 1o million graduates churned out of the 668 universities in Africa yearly do not get jobs, Kelvin Baogum- president of Coca […]

Poverty and the Church:

Poverty and the Church: The Church is lifeline of any society It’s a unique place that should change instill change in people’s lives. People engaged in the fight to end poverty often develop weight and […]

Household Poverty

Household Poverty: In 2012, 501 million people, or 47% of the population of sub-Saharan Africa lived on $1.90 a day or less, a principal factor incasing widespread hunger. (world Bank, sub-Saharan Africa poverty and equity […]

Benon’s Story

Benon’s Story Humble Beginnings In 1995 my mother a single parent brought me to Kampala from Mubende to benefit from the child sponsorship program. When she died in 1990. I was left in the slums […]