Benon’s Story

Benon’s Story

Humble Beginnings

In 1995 my mother a single parent brought me to Kampala from Mubende to benefit from the child sponsorship program. When she died in 1990. I was left in the slums of Kampala alone with no shelter or relative, this made my chances of continuing with education improbable. One of the elderly lady in the slums   recognized this and changed my life forever, brought me into her house to live with her family, as my American sponsor paid my school fees, basic necessities, such as school supplies, soap, toothpaste, clothes, and shoes. I also got an opportunity to experience God’s love through the weekly Bible studies that the sponsorship program offered.

Called into Leadership

As I continued with the sponsorship program I came to learn about Jesus and his saving power and in 2013 I accepted Jesus as my Lord and savior.

Down the road I was mentored by program staff and my school identified a gift of administration on my life and appointed me a leader in my high school scripture union where I served for 4 year in 4 different positions, after high school I was recruited as a volunteer in Empower a Child, I worked at Empower a child for 10 years,serving in different capacities; Assistant Mission volunteer, Outreach coordinator, Project Manager for a women entrepreneurship project and Operations Manager the highest national position in the organisation.

God has taken me on an incredible journey from a child in the slums of Kampala robbed of his mother, to getting a new family, to the blessing of being sponsored, to being mentored by one of the greatest organisation in the country and now entrusting a vision with me to Empower families discover posterity.

I invite you to come be a part of this journey and see how God will use you to guarantee that where a child starts in life does not determine where they end up.


Benon Katumwa
Founder Family posterity project

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