47.3% Ugandans live below both poverty line and twice the poverty line, $2.40 per day. (World Bank) More than 18,447,000 people in Uganda are vulnerable to poverty. Empowering families through legacy posterity program is

Changing the story;

Family posterity program

This is a 5 layer program designed to create posterity that suffocates poverty in each household by the next generation.

Legacy Footfalls partners with all household members to create lasting and meaningful change in their family line: disciple, enlighten, equip, challenge and educate. download:  FPP 5 year strategic plan



This is a foundational course aimed to grounds each household member in the ministry of marriage. The course centers on the family members understanding their identity in Christ and the purpose and principle of a Christian marriage.


Each household to a journey of self discovery; using non tech and tech methods, processes, and tools such as film strips, slide projectors, language laboratories, audio tapes, and television to help the family see beyond their barrier and focus them on their power to innovate for change. Click here for details



This is a unique delivery system through which the individual family is able to meet all its basic requirements and get economic freedom to pursue the family business idea. The step furnishes each house hold with;

  • Availability of drinking water
  • Clean and Health Toilet facilities
  • Assured supply of fuel for cooking
  • Availability of electricity click here for details


FPP 001Challenge:

At this step the family is supported to get a capital loan from our Legacy Loan scheme and the family business idea becomes a reality


In the first 5 years of the business, the family business is run side by side with the ministry investment experts and the experts reduce involvement gradually to the point when they give occasional supervision. When the business breaks even, the family begins to pay back the money spent on it at the equip state so that the money can help another family. See how our micro credit program will work

FPP 001Educate:

This is the last stage in the poverty eradication sequence, the family partners with the ministry to create expert labor force for needed to run the business at the next generation; all children in the family that are book smart are educated up to the first degree, sent to top western universities to acquire expert skills and come back to expand the family business into an international or regional organisation.  This will be done through our child sponsorship program that is funded by savings from the family business Click here to see how we look at education

Click here to see what the international teams will be helping with the program


Why target families?

 The synthesis of a family is the bed yoke of human survival, put a collection of families together get a community and putting communities together of these families and get a nation –So Uganda is as health as her families; as soon as you empower the families we empower the state out of poverty.


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