Every year Uganda’s institutions graduate over 400,000 students. The graduates scramble for 150,000 annual job openings in the country.  ~0.008% create own jobs, leaving the 71.99% graduates jobless every year, simply because they cannot convert the theoretical work into a venture that can make them money and benefit their community. But this is changing because of the legacy seed contest.


The Legacy seed contest.

Legacy seed is an annual contest aimed at providing funding, support, and encouragement to  students with big ideas. “Legacy Seed”. The contest is both an education model and a research platform.  Legacy footfalls use it to transform the way learners think about their role in society and mentors them into skilled innovators.

Legacy Footfalls  is growing a tech ahead next  generation of change makers who value innovation, social impact, and risk-taking. Download: Legacy seed contest program brief or full program total kit


Contest Structure & Requirements

The contest currently consists of two rounds over nine months. The first half requests a 3-page Pre-proposal application focused on creativity, and the second half requires a Full Proposal application focused on viability. Throughout the course of the competition, numerous events and resources are available to participants to facilitate their skills development.



Resources for Student Innovators

The resources provided to student participants are: information sessions, writing workshops, networking and team building events, advising office hours, practitioners in residence consulting opportunities, editing blitzes, mentorship, and judge feedback.






Each year, Legacy recruits mentors all over the world to pair with teams. To recruit mentors, legacy Ideas leverages partnerships, former judges and mentors, professional networks, and will occasionally conduct cold calls to reach out to new mentors.


Each year, legacy recruits judges to help score proposals. Typically, one judge is recruited for every anticipated Pre-proposal and two for every Full Proposal to ensure that each proposal is read by a minimum of six different judges in each round.


Prize Awards

Winning teams typically receive an award ranging from $500 to $2,000. The average prize is approximately $1,000. The exact amount is determined primarily on the final overall scores and, to a lesser extent, on the amount of money requested by each team.

Legacy prize money is an award for the idea. It is not a grant with requirements but a monetary prize for articulating a creative idea.

Outstanding investors are invited on the micro business incubation program.


Funding and Partnerships

The contest is supported by well-wishers and people who believe in the vision of Legacy Footfalls “ To unveiling potential in Africa. Allow them end poverty themselves.”

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