Speak out for the unreached communities in Africa. Spread awareness in your community by being a voice for ICT for all.

Introduce us to your Church

Church partnerships are fundamental to our mission, so why not send a thank you video to your church while you’re in Africa, or even try a live Skype with your congregation! This can be a great start to a relationship.

Invite Benon to speak at your church or company

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Legacy Sunday



Spread the word about the mission and goals of Legacy Footfalls by organizing an “A Legacy Sunday” at your church where you can share about the power of ICT to empower communities end poverty in Africa. Be an advocate for a family initiative and help them give poverty an expiration date.


Share your skills



If you have a particular skill such as photography, graphic design or writing, you have the opportunity to aid our ministry from your home country by joining one of our team.

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