ICT Outreach vehicle.- Taking ICT skills where they have never been before

Each child brings a distinctive gift into the world and the power to choose how to use that gift, but that is not the case in Uganda, In Uganda the potential of children is suffocated by poverty to the point that children bone in poverty not only suffer the effects of poverty today, but are four times as likely to become poor adults.


This must change, with the ICT Outreach Van our teams will reach out to impenetrable rural areas in Uganda, use mobile ICT equipment to teach local children soft skills and stimulate their minds to innovate and overcome poverty themeslves.

(2004 2.7L Petrol Toyota Hilux double-cub 4×4 Takes 5 staff)

Proposed kitting for overlanding


  • A long-range fuel tank (145L in total).
  • An AluCab canopy with roof-rack and large back and side flaps.
  • An African Outback front roof-rack with brackets for two gas bottles
    and two 20L jerry cans.
  • An Eezi-Awn awning for extra shade.(Used for ICT outdoor classes)
  • A custom built drawer system in the back, which includes a nice low
    drawer for a fridge and staff camping items.
  • Three other drawers designed to fit ammo boxes for ICT equipment
  • A slide-in spot for 3 large tables.
  • An PBE dual battery system with inverter and slide-out charging station
    for phones, laptops, camera batteries and other ICT equipment.
  • A 40Ls water tank.
  • And a mobile toilet.


Total cost: $ 30,000

Van: $20,000

Kitting for overlanding: $10,000


Join a team


Take ICT Skills to the next district (Mubende)


Create a personal fundraising to help Schools, Families and Churches living in poverty fight defeat it themselves!


In Africa, 5 out of the 10 graduates that are churned out from 668 universities do not get jobs, this compares to 47% of the population of sub-Saharan Africa living on $1.90 a day or less, a principal factor incasing widespread hunger crime, drug use and 5 million deaths in Africa every minute. But this can end with your help Download full proposal


Please join legacy Footfalls in giving youth the resource they need to survive, create jobs, protect their families and save money to become more self-reliant.


Total cost: $48,225.90 (USD)

Download Detailed Budget


What can legacy footfalls do with the money you raise?

$100.00 (USD) Will buy a camera set for the program.
$300.00 (USD) Will buy a computer set for 16 students.
$643.00 (USD) Will stock a mobile library for 90 books.
$1,500.00 (USD) Will install a mobile power system to run the kit.
$2,331.92 (USD) Will allow us operate for a month.
$20,242.86 (USD) Will purchase a complete kit for a district.
$48,225.90 (USD) Will purchase a complete mobile kit for a district and cover operation costs for a full year.


Will purchase a complete mobile kit for a district and cover operation costs for 5 years.


It’s simple and easy to create your page. You can customize it to with a personalized message and your own image. Then, ask your family, friends and co-workers to support you in helping Legacy Footfalls create a brighter world for all. Get started now!


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