Legacy Footfalls offers internship programs within our organization in Uganda. These programs are designed for university/college students all over the world before, during, or after completion of their studies.


All Internship programs are on a voluntary basis and are non-payable. A certificate and recommendation letters are availed after completion of the program. If your school has certain requirements, such as weekly evaluations to be completed by our overseeing staff, please contact us to make sure we can meet all the requirements your school has. In the past we’ve been able to work with all requirements schools have had for their students’ internships.

Internship in Africa –Uganda


ICT Intern  

ICT majors have the option to intern in Africa. You will join the teams on ground that is transforming rural areas of Uganda into technology alert communities.


You will teach theory and practical ICT work to primary and secondary students.  They would have the opportunity to support student lead ICT innovation. and bring teaching techniques and resources they have learned through their college to help our students think outside the box.


This placement would fulfill requirements, depending on your academic institution, for courses of study in computer Science, Business computing, software engineering, and IT technician



Marketing Intern



Duties would include updating Legacy Footfalls’ social network pages, working with the teams in Africa to keep blog and newsletters up to date, assisting in marketing campaigns fundraising events.




Graphic Design Intern



Duties would include designing promotional material, brochures, flyers, banners, and booklets.





Communications Intern


Working directly with the Legacy Footfalls office in Uganda, this placement would include creating bi-monthly newsletters, blogging on weekly activities of the organization, and working with our Social Networking Coordinator to give up-to-date information from the field for Internet communication and social networking. This placement would fulfill requirements, depending on your academic institution for courses of study, in Communications, Public Relations, and Marketing.





Heaven Guest List program Intern.

The position supports the Heaven Guest List program. Responsibilities would include assisting in conducting discipleship training, training local church leadership, and open air crusade preparations.  


Family Posterity program Intern

The position would support the program empowering families create micro enterprises. Responsibilities include teaching families involved in business entrepreneurial tools and approaches covering topics like customer development; lean startup principles; design thinking, the business model canvas and micro business pitching.



Hospitality and Tourism Internships

You will have the unique opportunity to work directly with Legacy footfalls volunteers experience the beauty of the country they serve. Responsibilities would include designing travel itineraries, assisting in coordinating safari activities, and booking accommodations.


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