Join a Support Team

 Is the Lord leading you to be part of His work in Africa?

We have his great opportunity for you to serve

Our support model is so simple; it is designed around teams and clusters

  • A team is any number of people who can come together to collectively give $150 per month for 60 months.
  • A team can be a family, fellowship, church group, workplace, school, class etc.
  • 20 teams make up a cluster
  • And each cluster supports one Mbegu (bible van) to stay in seice 
  • 20 youth volunteers operate a single Mbegu
  • Each team of supporters maps to one youth volunteer

 Your support will allow a youth spreading the gospel of Jesus to get the following

  • Transportation to and from the filed
  • Something to eat during outreaches and trainings
  • Monthly upkeep to cater for his personal needs
  • Resource to use in the field (Evangelism and ICT training)
  • A monitored Mentorship relationship
  • 2 certificates one in ICT and another in Servant leadership
  • And he/she gets to read the bible cover to cover

The each Mbegu (Bible van) achieve the following targets

  • Reaches 1,200 people with ICT
  • Reaches 12,320 people with the good news of Jesus
  • Disciple and plants 10,000 new believers in the local church