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Our Story

Legacy Footfalls (LF) was founded in 2017 and registered in Uganda  in 2018, by Benon Katumwa. Benon was born into a family as a third generation kid in the vicious cycle of poverty. Orphaned at the age twelve, Benon lived a life of despair until he was taken in by a Christian family and taught the good news of Jesus. When Benon accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior, his life turned around. He later graduated from college with a degree in computer science and served his local community in the areas of education, health, entrepreneurship and missions.

Benon owes his radical transformation to two things: salvation and the opportunities provided by Information and Communications Technology (ICT) tools. In 2017 Benon launched LF with a mission to share the gift of Salvation and ICT digital skills education with Uganda’s under privileged children and communities.

The LF Mission

To evangelize and disciple unreached communities in Africa, while partnering with community institutions – schools, families and churches – to equip, enlighten and challenge children young adults, students and families to help end poverty in their local communities through ICT strategies

Core Values

Christ Centered , Submit to Authority  , Greatness,  Integrity,  and Accountability.


our understanding of legacy is leaving an eternal inheritance in Christ for the children’s children, and equipping citizens and their communities to strengthen a national Identity and economy.

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